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Structural dampness is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building, either the result of moisture intrusion from outside or condensation from within the structure. A high proportion of damp problems in buildings are caused by condensation, rain penetration or rising damp.
The  primary causes of dampness in building are:

  • Poor quality of construction material
  • Bad design
  • Faulty construction or bad workmanship



  • When water comes in contact with building components such as walls, roofs, floor etc these components acts as a medium to help water to migrate into the building.
  • Due to capillary action, the water present in ground soil may rise above the ground level through the walls. If ground water table is nearer to the building foundation then also it can also become a source of dampness.
  • Condensation of atmospheric moisture can also be a source of dampness. Because this form of water gets deposited on different components and gradually find their way to penetrate into the building causing dampness.
  • Rain water falling on external walls, parapets also causes dampness.
  • Rain water can also penetrate through the roofs if the roof is of bad quality. Inadequate roof slopes or defective junction between roof slab and parapet wall may cause dampness
  • Presence of gutter near the building will store the rain water and subsequently this water will create dampness in the external walls.
  • Wet areas of buildings (such as kitchens, bath rooms) having sub standard plumbing fitting can also be a source of dampness.



The common defects caused by dampness in building are :

  • Dampness causes efflorescence of bricks, tiles of stones.
  • It makes the plaster weak.
  • It may cause bleaching and flaking of paint due to formation of colored patches.
  • It causes corrosion of metals.
  • It promotes growth of fungal mold , bacteria and insects.

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emergency plumber dundalk water pipe leak dublinWe use many different repair methods and treatments for resolving damp issues, ranging from water repellent coatings to physical membranes and Liquid-applied systems, of which polyurethane waterproofing membranes are the prime example, offering decisive advantages particularly where seamless systems are desired; either structurally or aesthetically, and for geometrically complicated connections with ventilation outlets or upturns.

Our surveyor will specify the safest and most effective method of treatment for your circumstances. Our surveyor’s recommendations for the repairs will ensure that they will be planned in such a way to cause the minimum amount of disruption to your everyday life.
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